Premarital & Early-Stage

bullet5Premarital and Early-Stage Couples Counseling

The early stages of a relationship can be both exciting and stressful. As two individuals slowly learn to understand one another and to negotiate their differences, they often feel confused by conflicting feelings of connection and alienation, togetherness and isolation.  Sometimes they even wonder if theirs is a compatible, satisfying connection, sustainable for the long term.

In our counseling sessions we will:

  • Explore whether yours is a healthy and compatible connection;
  • Strengthen your communication and conflict-resolution skills;
  • Examine conflicting family pulls and differing values;
  • Explore family-of-origin issues to better understand yourself and your partner;
  • Identify negative habits and relational patterns before they become entrenched;
  • Learn the language of responsiveness, so as to stave off emotional starvation and distancing.


50-minute sessions: $120
Extended, 75-minute sessions: $180
Extended, 90-minute sessions:  $210
Double, 100-minute session:  $240

6 sessions: $660

Contact me by calling 347.866.0515, or via email.



 Poster, 2014 Seattle Wedding Show
Poster, 2014 Seattle Wedding Show