Other Counseling Services

 Couples Counseling
Are you a more long-term couple, hoping to regain lost intimacy or build more supportive bonds? Or have you reached the end of your path together and are seeking a way to separate respectfully?

In couples counseling, we will examine the dynamics at play in your relationship, looking for ways to decrease power plays, reduce defensiveness, and expand your range of emotional responses.

Family Relationship Counseling
Is your parenting style no longer effective? Is family life more strife than pleasure?

Together we will create a collaborative spirit among your family members by learning to share personal perceptions and feelings. I will help you identify patterns that are hurtful or no longer helpful and discover new ways to interact with one another.

Individual Relationship Counseling
Are you unable to let go of a failed relationship?  Are you repeating behavioral patterns that are harmful to all your relationships?

We will explore how your family/cultural history impacts your values and behaviors. We will examine how self-defeating beliefs may be preventing you from healing hurtful relationships or maintaining healthy ones, and learn new, more effective relational skills.